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Friday, October 2, 2015

Exclusive interview with Giorgio Barbier, Pirelli Moto Racing Director, WSBK Sepang Round

WSBK-Race1-Sepang-001 We had the chance to interview Pirelli Moto Racing Director on 2nd August at WSBK Sepang Round. A little to late but, this is our editor, Eddy (along with Azuan from Roda-Roda), interviewing Giorgio Barbier. Interesting view of Pirelli towards the races in Malaysia condition and climate. How was the race in Malaysia? Giorgio Barbier: Last year was the first year for us (race in Sepang) with the high temperature that we meet. We race with the softest rear, the softest in our range. It was good but we see that it suffer a lot from the first to the last lap of the race where the gap was too high from our view to consider. This year instead, we decide to bring just the new Pirelli SC Zero that could met this kind of circuit which has been improved from the last year tyre. We also brought other two solution, one is now is testing for us to be the new Pirelli SC Zero as we already tested in Europe, US and other track. And the 3rd which is the softest that just created for this track. The condition we met here is different from any other in the world. The temperature is special because of the humidity is something that we didn't met anywhere else. Europe, Spain and Italy or Imola with 60 degrees on the asphalt but today we see 45 degrees. Last year it was 61 degrees. In Australia we used to meet 61 or 62 degrees. It is not just the matter about the temperature. It also about the circuit layout and humidity. We just consider the tyre and not about the riders, suspension or supplier of other like braking. We prefer too have a lot of grip and we do have a lot of grip compared to the last year Pirelli SC Zero. We got something is the middle of the softest that we got and the one in used in the qualifying. This solution is remarkably faster than the standard soft

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

World Premiere of Honda Light Super Sports Concept


Honda is unveiling its Light Super Sports Concept at 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015. We have very little details of the bike, but still, officially Honda states that:

Light Weight Super Sports Concept: Designed with the key phrase "strong presence," this next-generation super sport concept model and features a look possessing a sense of speed that comes from its long nose and low crouching position. The combination of a plane architecture, which indicates the sense of hardness and solidity, and sharp edges emphasize the aggressive look of this model. Moreover, the exterior featuring matte-black-based low-contrast graphics expresses beauty and the remarkable form. I'm guessing, the Light Super Sports is referring to the 250cc model and this actually follows the rumors of the conception of CBR250RR that are going to be develop with higher performance engine said to be inline-2 250cc engine. If this is available, it means manufacturers are now fighting for the perfomance and NO longer for just fuel economy per se.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Lorenzo Lands Aragón Victory as Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Locks up Team World Title

2015-Yamaha-Team-ChampionshipMovistar Yamaha MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo secured his sixth win of the season and 60th Grand Prix win over all classes with a heroic ride at the challenging MotorLand Aragón circuit. Valentino Rossi also fought bravely to secure third in the Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón, giving the team, which shares the same title sponsor, its eighth double podium of the season and the Team World Championship Title. Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team's Jorge Lorenzo was on another level today at the Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón and took a stunning victory. Valentino Rossi had the Spanish crowd at MotorLand Aragón gasping for air as he entertained them with a sensational battle for second place in which he came just 0.090s short.  

Sunday, September 27, 2015

[Video] Suzuki GSX-R 30 Years of Performance - Part 1 of 2

Suzuki 30 Years of Performance Suzuki has prepared two videos to commemorate their celebration of the GSX-R 30 Years of Performance. This Part 1 videos is really entertaining and tell us the stories that some of us never knew. There is an engineer who have worked for the first production of GSX-R and still in the development of the GSX-R until today. He has already worked 40 years at Hamamatsu. There is also an engineer who have worked on the development of the 1986 Suzuki GSX-R and still rides it until today. He knows how to take care and repair the engine since he was the one who designs it. Read no more, watch the 10 mins video after the jump: 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015 Kawasaki Ninja 400 / ER-4f ABS Limited Edition in Japan - only 300 units

2015-Kawasaki-Ninja-400-LimitedEdition Made only in 300 units and available in Japan. The touring Ninja 400 / ER-4f comes with gray base colour added with gold accent. The wheels are nicely coloured in gold too. ABS is fitted for this bike for greater control on difficult situation. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

2016 Kawasaki Z1000/ABS now comes with assist and slipper clutch for Europe and China

2016-KawasakiZ1000-Red Another update for 2016 from Kawasaki and now it is for the Kawasaki Z1000. There two variant of the Z1000 that is non-ABS and the ABS. The colour has been updated in 3 colour choices that is the Candy Crimson Red with Red front fork, Metallic Matte Graphite Gray and Pearl Stardust. I was thinking to see the gold coloured front fork for this Z1000 but only see the red front fork just for the Candy Crimson Red. For the other two colours, you'll only get the usual black front fork. 


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